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Hello, I'm Lynda

Teaching science is fun, but who has time to plan engaging lessons?

I know. I’ve been there.

That’s why I help busy teachers like you by providing ready-to-teach, standards-based science lessons that easily integrate ELA standards and science standards in a meaningful and exciting way for the students.

Teachers love teaching science, but the planning for it can be overwhelming!

Teachers need resources that are already planned for them, use low-cost materials, and integrate literacy into science activities. 

This is why I create informational text passages with my science units so that teachers can easily integrate ELA and science standards in a meaningful and interesting way for the students.

I have a lot of experience creating a curriculum. When I was a young teacher, we had outdated science textbooks, if we had any at all. I began using my science background to create my own labs and inserts for interactive notebooks. I then expanded to create entire units that were integrated with informational text passages that I wrote myself. Other teachers began asking me to use my units, and that is how I got started creating science resources.  

I have been teaching for over 34 years! I have a K-12 license and taught elementary for a number of years. I have also taught Science Methods at two universities in their Professional Teacher Education Programs. My Master’s Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction, and I love creating science resources that are aligned with the NGSS and Utah SEEd standards. 

Along the way, I completed some research on interactive notebooks, which I presented at several conferences and for which I won two awards: one from the Center for Scholastic Inquiry and the other from the Utah Valley University Engaged Learning Conference.

In 2019, I was honored to win a Faculty Excellence Award at Utah Valley University. I also spoke at the Teachers Pay Teachers Annual Conference about creating standards-based resources.

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