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Acids and Bases Unit for Middle School Science

Do you need a little help with teaching acids and bases to your middle school science class?

This unit will keep your class engaged, and with five days of activities, will save you tons of time!

Students will learn about acids and bases, identify the pH of solutions, and learn about how we interact with acids and bases every day.

Your class will learn that ions are what determine whether a substance is an acid or a base. They will also learn about the neutralization reaction and learn what happens when an acid and base are combined.

I am super excited to have found this great set of labs. It includes reading passages, worksheets and TWO labs! My students had so much fun with the cabbage water lab.

Heather S. 10/1/22

This Acids and Bases Unit Include:

  • Suggested Schedule
  • Two-page informational text passage on acids and bases
  • Strategic notetaking guide
  • pH strip indicator Lab
  • Cabbage water Lab
  • Lesson Plans/Lab Directions
  • Notes for Teachers
  • Lab Pages
  • Thinking About the Lab Page
  • Acids in the Human Body Page
  • Constructing Explanation Page
  • CER
  • Answer Keys

Your class will love the engaging and colorful labs! The format allows you to choose the liquids to test that you have available. 

This worked well for my physical science class in our unit on properties of matter. The labs were easy to do and had dramatic results that were really exciting for my students. Loved the included reading passages.

Izzy S. 9/23/22

Other middle school science teachers LOVE this resource!

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cabbage water lab

This is a standards-based unit that will help you cover NGSS MS-PS1-2.

NGSS MS-PS1-2: Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred. Examples of reactions could include burning sugar or steel wool, fat reacting with sodium hydroxide, and mixing zinc with hydrogen chloride. Assessment is limited to analysis of the following properties: density, melting point, boiling point, solubility, flammability, and odor.

Try this unit in your middle school science classroom TODAY!

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