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Build a Rubber Band Car STEM Engineering Challenge for Middle School Science

Your middle school science students will love making a rubber band car to demonstrate potential and kinetic energy!

With a variety of activities, this unit will save you tons of time and keep your class engaged!

This is a great STEM Challenge, using the engineering design process. Students will design and test their prototype and redesign in this STEM activity. Rubber band cars are fun and engaging and illustrate a variety of force and motion concepts. 

This STEM Engineering Unit contains a variety of activities.

It includes phenomena, engineering design process, lesson plans, scaffolding for students who need it, directions with photos, follow-up pages, and answer keys.

Possibly the best STEM purchase I have made on TPT! Really connected well to science, math and everything! Kids had a blast!

Camille J.

My students did really well with this unit and I love how the science and engineering is really well connected. Not just making a toy! Real science ideas are presented.

Emily S.

This is a standards-aligned resource.

When you use one of my units, you can be sure you’re covering the information that you need to!

This unit is aligned with standards NGSS MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, and MS-ETS1-4.

Fantastic STEM Engineering activity. Students were so motivated and engaged! They loved their cars and the directions and tips were super helpful. Loved that scaffolding was provided and actually helped me to make a car that worked!

Stephanie G.

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