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Chemical Reaction Experiment With a Color Change

As a teacher, it is not that hard to find a chemical reaction for your students that will produce gas or even provide a change in temperature, but I wanted to show my students a dramatic color change as the result of a chemical reaction. This science experiment is so much fun and is a chemical reaction experiment with a color change that is dramatic! These reactants will change from white and red to bright yellow! This chemical reaction will also produce gas and the temperature will increase. It is an exothermic reaction.

Students will observe the three reactants and record their properties before they are combined and then students will combine these substances to observe the changes!

You will need sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), calcium chloride (the main ingredient in the road salt we use to device the roads), and Phenol red .02% aqueous solution. Phenol red is an indicator that will change colors under certain conditions.

Color Change Lab

Chemical Reaction with color change
Chemical Reaction

Exothermic Reaction and Color Change

Three Labs in This Great Unit!

This amazing experiment changes from white and red, to bright fuchsia, to bright yellow! Students will be able to isolate the reactions and determine which combination is the exothermic reaction and which products are bases or acids. 

chemical Reaction

You can also do this Chemical Reaction in a Baggie!
three labs

In this lab, students will learn about the signs that a chemical reaction has occurred. They will learn about exothermic reactions, pH levels, and more! This resource has 5 days worth of activities and includes two labs. You will need sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and Phenol red. These can be purchased at You will also need containers (either a ziplock baggie or a jar).


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Chemical reaction with a color change

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