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Ecosystems and Food Webs Exit Tickets for Middle School Science

Exit slips for ecosystems

Exit slips are great for formative assessment and to check for understanding at the end of a lesson!

These exit slips take just a moment to complete and will give you an idea of whether or not your students understood the lesson.

exit slips for ecosystems

There are four slips per page. To use, print the page and cut them apart. They are designed to be quick answer questions.

food web

I used these to review. We did inner and outer circles. Each student had a different question and as they rotated they reviewed almost all. It was a fun day with great questions.

Lucy N.
trophic level

Great exit tickets for all things related to food webs and ecosystems. Easy to use for quick assessment to see where my students are at and if I need to reteach.

Aileen H.
ecosystem assessment

Great exit slips for life science. Really easy to use and went well with our curriculum.

Austin W.
exit slips ecosystem

Other middle school science teachers LOVE these exit tickets!

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