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Foldable Graphic Organizers for Interactive Notebooks

I am so excited to see so many or you using foldable graphic organizers in your interactive notebooks. The students really love these!   Organizing information in the Interactive notebooks helps students to retain information and can also be used as a study guide or review.

In the above photo, students explored a variety of objects with magnets and determined which items were magnetic and which items were not.   Simple pockets were made with the names of the objects and students completed the above sort to demonstrate their understanding.  

In the above photo, students explained their understanding of how volcanic eruptions can affect many aspects of life on Earth.  
Here is a simple foldable graphic organizer that is perfect for vocabulary.  The tab of the matchbook fold keeps the tabs tucked-in and they have less chance of getting bent when you open and close the notebook.  

Please use this FREE printable template below to create your own vocabulary fold! Everyone loves freebies!
And a four door fold.
Print and use the freebie foldable graphic organizer below!
Please take a look at all the templates for interactive notebooks I have in my store.
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