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Fun Experiment with Kool-Aid Chemical Reactions

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    Want to have some fun experimenting with chemical reactions?    FREE Chemical Reaction lesson Give students the following materials: lemon juice apple cider vinegar kool-aid water baking soda cups food coloring cookie trays Directions: Place items in cups and place cups on cookie trays.  Kool-aid packet is dissolved in water.  Have students predict the outcome for 1 tsp. baking soda with each of the three liquids: lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and Kool-aid water.   Food coloring can be added for extra flare.  Have students combine and observe.  
    Students record observations.
    Questions to Ask Students:  Why is this a chemical reaction?  What are the characteristics of a chemical reaction?   How do we know this is not a physical reaction?   
    Science and Engineering Practices 
    Planning and Carrying Out an Investigation
    Constructing Explanations
    Crosscutting Concepts
    Cause and Effect
    Stability and Change
    Scale, Proportion and Quantity
    Disciplinary Core Ideas
    PS1 Matter and Its Interaction
    PS1B Chemical Reactions
    Interactive Notebook Ideas
    Students can record their predictions and observation on a fold like this.
    Students can also record the vocabulary they learn during the lesson.
    This Four part fold is also great for having students plan their own investigation with another ;iquid and baking soda.
    FREE Chemical Reaction Resource
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