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Life Cycle Tab Books

 Life Cycle Tab books are a great way for students to practice reading and writing informational text! Tab books are a fun way to get students engaged, students will love cutting out and putting together a tab book! 


Penguin Life Cycle Tab Book Cover

Tab Books are no prep!

With cutting out and assembly being part of the activity, tab books are a great way to reduce your prep time! 

Reading passages and simple response questions reinforce reading comprehension skills!

Each page of the tab book includes informational text and a simple response question to ensure students are comprehending the information on each page! Each page also includes room for additional information encouraging students to add their own information and facts.

Perfect for fast finishers!

Each page of the tab book includes a black-and-white image. Coloring the image can be used to strengthen motor skills in younger students, or can be reserved for fast finishers!

Try a tab book in your classroom today!

Your students will love this Penguin life cycle tab book! Each of my life cycle tab books include five pages and a cover, and a crossword puzzle for vocabulary development. 

I have several other life cycle tab books in my store, and tab books on other topics! You can check out my other tab books here! 

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