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Maker Movement in Education

The Maker Movement is a tech influenced DIY community that has come to be identified as the Maker Movement.
It is human nature to make and to share and tell stories about our process of making.  People like to create, tinker and redesign things to make them better.  

Many makers are hobbyists, enthusiasts or students (amateurs!)
The Maker Movement is grassroots innovation that we can foster in every community. The Maker Movement is a global community of inventors, designers, engineers, artists, programmers, hackers, tinkerers, craftsmen and DIY’ers.  The design cycle is all about reiteration, trying something again and again until it works, and then, once it works, making it better. As manufacturing tools continue to become better, cheaper and more accessible, the Maker Movement is gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate. Over the past few years, so-called “makerspaces” have cropped up in cities and small towns worldwide—often in affiliation with libraries, museums, schools and other community centers, as well as in public and independent schools—giving more people of all ages access to programs and tools like 3-D printers and scanners, laser cutters, and design software.

Schools are catching the Maker Fever providing project based learning activities and opportunities for students to Make and display or showcase their work.  Maker Faires and Mini Maker Faires are popping up everywhere to give Makers of all kinds a chance to display and showcase their Makes.  
There is a saying in the Maker Movement, “It isn’t a Make if you don’t share it.”  Students as Makers need to be provided a place to share or showcase their Make.   
The high tech Makes tend to get a lot of attention, but the low tech Makes are equally beneficial to students.  Take the LED Throwies.  
For complete LED Throwie Activity How to Make LED Throwies

The Maker Movement encourage critical thinking and creativeness.  The Maker Movement is an inclusive community that brings people of all walks of life into the STEM arena.   Jump on board with the Maker Movement and try some of these Makes with your class.
Directions for the Field Journal can be found here Field Journal Directions
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Chemical Reaction in Glow Sticks

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