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5th Grade Science Test Prep for Ecosystems LS


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Do you need to review some 5th grade science test prep materials?  Do you review Ecosystems with your students? These guided notes come with a slide show and other science review activities. Perfect for 5th-grade Science Test Prep. There are 32 science question cards with 32 answer cards. There are five review activities to do with the question cards.


This Science Review Unit includes:

  • A slide show on Ecosystems (in PPT and Google Slides)
  • Guided Notes (In PDF and Google Slides)
  • 32 question cards
  • 32 answer cards
  • Five detailed activities to do with the question cards
  • A crossword puzzle on Ecosystems
  • Answer Keys for all


*Students will be able to find the exact sentence in the slide show as in the notes. This will support students who have difficulty taking notes.

The Question Card Activities Include:

  • Q and A Match
  • Inner and Outer Circles
  • Around the World
  • Carousel
  • Question Exchange


Your students will benefit from review and reinforcement. It will help them retain information.


5-LS1-1. Use models to describe the energy in animals’

food (used for body repair, growth, motion, and to

maintain body warmth) was once energy from the sun.


Also aligns with Utah SEEd 5th Grade

5.3.2 Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information that animals obtain energy and matter from the food they eat for body repair, growth, and motion and to maintain body warmth. Emphasize that the energy used by animals was once energy from the Sun. Cellular respiration will be taught in Grades 6 through


5.3.3 Develop and use a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment. Emphasize that matter cycles between the air and soil and among plants, animals, and microbes as these organisms live and die. Examples could include simple food chains from ecosystems such as deserts or oceans or diagrams of decomposers returning the matter to the environment.

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