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Analyzing Ecosystem Graphs and Data Analysis Resource Availability MS LS2-1


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Do your students need practice with analyzing ecosystem graphs? These science graph worksheets include data analysis on resource availability in ecosystems. This set includes 20 pages of science graphs and diagrams with questions. You will get a printable PDF with a link to Google Slide.

This Ecosystem Graph Practice Unit Includes:

•20 printable pages of charts and diagrams with questions in Google and Printable PDF

•Answer Keys

•Three simplified graphs and questions for differentiation

Topics Addressed:

•Drought and Elk Population

•Population of Owls and Mice in a Field

•Predator Prey Graph

•Population Growth Curve Graph

•Wolves and Moose Population

•Seasonal Population of Deer

•The Effect of Invasive Species on Native Species

•Growth Rate of Population

•Survival Rate of Hares

•Biodiversity in Different Biomes

•pH Levels and Survival Rate

Evaluating a Graph

•Number of Species in an Ecosystem

•Average Yearly Precipitation

•Distribution of Organisms

•Energy Pyramid

•Food Web

•Biodiversity of a Pond

•Weight of Freshwater Fish

•Consumption of Grass (Resource Availability)


Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability on organisms and populations of organisms in an ecosystem.

•No prep pages (printable and Google Slides)

•Addresses the standard on Resource Availability and Data LS2-1

•Great practice for Testing

Ecosystem graphs Ecosystem graphs Ecosystem graphs Ecosystem graphs

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