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Analyzing Graphs and Data Analysis Middle School Science Test Prep and Practice


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Do your students need practice with analyzing graphs? These science graph worksheets include data analysis with different types of graphs. They are great for science test prep and critical thinking. This set includes 25 pages of science graphs with questions. This will help your students practice analyzing graphs for end of year testing! You will get a printable PDF with a link to Google Slides.

This Ecosystem Analyzing Graphs and Data Analysis Practice Unit Includes:

  • 25 printable pages of charts and diagrams with questions
  • (Google Slides and Printable PDF)
  • Answer Keys
  • Two simplified graphing pages for differentiation
  • Three student-created graphing activities
  • Middle School Science Topics

Pages and Science Topics Included:

Scatter Plot Pronghorn Population vs. Expected Population

Scatter Plot Time on Video Games Compared to Scores on Test

Dot Plot- Weather In Utah

Line Graph Temperature of Earth at Different Depths

Bar Graph Pendulum Swings Per Minute with 150 g Weight

Line Graph Distance Marble rolled with Different Ramp Heights

Double Bar Graph Bean Plant Growth Experiment

Circle Graph Global Energy Sources

Bar Graph Shadow Length Over Day

Bar Graph Average Yearly Precipitation

Line Graph Temperatures at Different Times of The Day

Line Graph Speed of a Dog

Line Graph Distance of Manatee Swim

Line Graph Number of Species in an Ecosystem

Line Graph Increase in Global Temperature

Double Line Graph C02 Emissions and Population Growth

Comparing Two Graphs, Correlation and Causation

Histogram Tree Circumference

Histogram Mass of Mule Deer in kg

Circle Graph Mineral Composition of Green Sandstone

Position vs. Time Graph

Which Graph is Best To Use?

Practice Simplified Graphing for Differentiation One (student graphing)

Practice Simple Graphing for Differentiation Two (student graphing)

Position vs Time Graphing Practice (student graphing)

No prep pages (printable and Google Slides)

•Addresses the standard on Resource Availability and Data LS2-1

•Great practice for Testing

•Great practice for analyzing graphs

Analyzing Graphs and Data Analysis Analyzing Graphs and Data Analysis

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