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Habitat Unit for Second Grade


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Animals and Their Habitats for Second Grade: Students will love these fun engaging activities for learning about habitats and the animals and plants that live there. Students will learn about the diversity of animals and plants in different habitats. NGSS Aligned.

This resource is aligned with

NGSS 2-LS4-1. Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats.


Utah SEEd Standard 2.2.2 Plan and carry out an investigation of the structure and function of plant and animal parts in different habitats. Emphasize how different plants and animals have different structures to survive in their habitat. Examples could include the shallow roots of a cactus in the desert or the seasonal changes in the fur coat of a wolf.

This resource includes a slideshow to inform students about habitats and adaptations. Students will then participate in a matching activity in which they match the organism and adaptation to the habitat.

Students will complete follow-up pages and read an informational text passage that is about habitat and adaptations.

This is followed by more response pages and a tab book on habitats. This resource also includes center activities with cards to sort and a quiz at the end of the unit. Answer keys are included. Word wall words are also included.

Students will learn that animals and plants have structures that help them function and survive in their habitat.