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Photosynthesis Lab and CLOSE Reading Unit NGSS MS-LS1-6


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Students will learn about photosynthesis and the flow of energy through ecosystems.

Students will love these engaging activities on photosynthesis. This is a great middle school science unit aligned with standards for NGSS middle school science.

This resource includes:

  • two labs
  • lab pages
  • a reading informational text passage on photosynthesis
  • QR code Research
  • interactive notebook flaps
  • response pages
  • answer keys


This resource is designed for MS NGSS. This resource is designed for MS-LS1-6 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes.

MS-LS1-6. Construct a scientific explanation based on evidence for the role of photosynthesis in the cycling of matter and flow of energy into and out of organisms.

The focus of the unit is on the role of photosynthesis in the flow of energy through ecosystems.

This resource is also aligned with the Utah SEEd standards

Standard 8.3.1 Plan and conduct an investigation and use the evidence to construct an explanation of how photosynthetic organisms use energy to transform matter. Emphasize molecular and energy transformations during photosynthesis.

Standard 8.3.3 Ask questions to obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about how changes to an ecosystem affect the stability of cycling matter and the flow of energy among living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem. Emphasize describing the cycling of matter and flow of energy through the carbon cycle.

Students will use science and engineering practices and will learn from the reading passages with comprehension pages.

Students will also learn about setting up a Fair Test experiment with independent, dependent, and controlled variables.