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Plate Tectonics Divergent Boundaries


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The Earth’s surface is constantly changing. Plate tectonics is what drives these changes. This informational text unit looks closely at what happens at divergent boundaries. Specifically, it explores the rift valley and fissure that runs through Iceland and is part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Students will learn about plate tectonics, divergent boundaries, mid-ocean ridges, seafloor spreading, and rift valleys. **Student pages are in Printable PDF and Google Docs for online use.

This Resource on Plate Tectonics and the Rift Valley in Iceland includes:

  • Starts with phenomena
  • Three pages of informational text
  • Comprehension questions
  • Map Work
  • Online and Printable Student Pages
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Three choices of CER
  • Answer Keys for all

This is about six days of activities. There is a suggested schedule included.

No prep!  Great for Sub plans.

plate tectonics