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The Formation of Bryce Canyon and the Hoodoos


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This is an informational text unit on the formation of Bryce Canyon. These reading passages are great for Earth science! They are full of text features and interesting scientific information on changes to the Earth’s surface. Students will practice reading informational text skills, writing a CER, and identifying text features and the information they convey. In PDF and Google Slides. 


✅ This informational text unit includes the following:


•Suggested Schedule

•Four Pages of Informational Text

•Three pages of Comprehension Questions


•Text Features Page

•Crossword Puzzle


•Answer Keys


Science Concepts:

  • Law of Superposition
  • Law of Lateral Continuity
  • sedimentary rock
  • uplift
  • tectonic activity
  • minerals in rocks
  • weathering and erosion


This is five days of activities. There is a suggested schedule included.

No prep!  Great for Sub plans.


****Did you know the Colorado Plateau was once underwater? 

Did you know the plateau was uplifted by tectonic plate activity?

Do you know what causes the vivid coloration in the rocks of Bryce Canyon?

Did you know that Bryce Canyon is a fascinating place to study changes to the earth’s surface?****

bryce canyon