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Utah SEEd 7.1 Assessments – Science Quizzes – Utah RISE Test Prep


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🛻 Utah SEEd 7.1 Assessments: This resource is a set of assessments for the Utah SEEd 7.1 strand.  It covers all the standards in the 7.1 strand including Motion and Stability, Force and Interactions, and Newton’s Laws. These assessments include multiple-choice and short-answer questions. You can use these after teaching each standard for assessment or as practice and review at the end of the year. Answer Keys are included. Links to Google Forms are in a PDF.

🛻 Assessments Included:

  • One printable pdf
  • Six Google Forms
  • Answer Keys

This resource is aligned with the following standards for Utah SEEd 7th grade.

✅ Standard 7.1.1 

Carry out an investigation that provides evidence that a change in an object’s motion is dependent on the mass of the object and the sum of the forces acting on it.  

✅ Standard 7.1.2 

Apply Newton’s Third Law to design a solution to a problem involving the motion of two colliding objects in a system. Examples could include collisions between two moving objects or between a moving object and a stationary object. 

They will learn about changing an object’s motion by forces acting upon it and they will apply Newton’s third law of motion in a problem involving the motion of two colliding objects. They will learn about fair tests and variables and they will plan an investigation.

✅ Standard 7.1.3 

Construct a model using observational evidence to describe the nature of fields that exist between objects that exert forces on each other even though the objects are not in contact. Emphasize the cause and effect relationship between properties of objects (such as magnets or electrically charged objects) and the forces they exert. 

✅ Standard 7.1.4 

Collect and analyze data to determine the factors that affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces. Examples could include electromagnets, electric motors, or generators. Examples of data could include the effect of the number of turns of wire on the strength of an electromagnet, or of increasing the number or strength of magnets on the speed of an electric motor. 

✅ Standard 7.1.5
Engage in argument from evidence to support the claim that gravitational interactions within a system are attractive and dependent upon the masses of interacting objects. Examples of evidence for arguments could include mathematical data generated from various simulations. (PS2.B)

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Utah SEEd 7th Grade