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Waves, Patterns and Energy Transfer NGSS 4-PS4-1 and 4-PS3-2


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Students will explore waves and concepts relating to waves in hands-on, engaging ways, and also through reading informational text about waves. Students will learn about amplitude and wavelength and that waves transfer energy rather than matter.

This resource is designed to address two 4th grade standards for NGSS Energy and Waves and Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer. Students will make models and identify the parts of the wave. Parts of this can be used as a distance learning packet.

NGSS 4-PS4-1. Develop a model of waves to describe patterns in terms of amplitude and wavelength and that waves can cause objects to move.

NGSS 4-PS3-2.

Make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents.

This resource also covers Utah SEEd standards.

Standard 4.3.1 Develop and use a model to describe the regular patterns of waves. Emphasize patterns in terms of amplitude and wavelength. Examples of models could include diagrams, analogies, and physical models such as water or rope. (PS4.A)

This resource includes inquiry-based lessons in the 5 E format, a Close Reading lesson, 4 pages of nonfiction text, response pages, interactive notebook flaps, a review game with cards, hands-on activities, and labs on Waves as well as answer keys. Students will learn about different types of waves, explore waves in hands-on labs, and read about waves in close reading activities with nonfiction text. Students will identify patterns, learn about amplitude and wavelength, and energy transferred through waves. This resource includes six hands-on lessons with easy to find materials. This is one of my most popular resources!