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Lynda R. Williams and TeachersPayTeachers

What is TeachersPayTeachers?

Teacherspayteachers is an online marketplace where teachers can create materials and sell them to other teachers or school districts. It is a great place for teachers to find lessons, units, and activities that they can use with their students. TPT has resources for all subjects and grade levels and offers resources in a variety of formats which include printable resources for face-to-face instruction and digital online resources for remote learning. TPT also offers resources for school counselors, speech specialists, administrators, and others.

“Teachers Pay Teachers is the go-to platform created by teachers, for teachers to access the community, content, and tools they need to teach at their best. Founded in 2006, TpT provides a marketplace for teachers to exchange instructional materials and access easy-to-use digital tools. Today, TpT empowers teachers with the world’s largest catalog of over 5 million pieces of educator-created content. Our community of more than 7 million educators — including 85% of PreK-12 U.S. teachers — use TpT to save time, support students, and learn from each other.”
-From the About Us Page on teacherspayteachers

My Journey with TeachersPayTeachers

I started my Teachers Pay Teachers journey in 2012 with my store that was then called simply, Lynda R Williams. However, I only had a few items in my store and did not really give it much attention until 2017. I that time I decided to really focus on creating science materials that were aligned with the NGSS standards. 

I had been a teacher for 30 years. I had a K-12 teaching credential, a CLAD certificate, a Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction, and classroom experience in elementary, middle school, and higher education. 

I was teaching science methods courses in a Professional Teacher Education program at a university. I had extensive training in best practices for teaching science and I decided it was time to create resources that teachers could use to teach science. 

I begin working through the Next Generation Science Standards and creating complete resources that included labs, reading passages, lesson plans, slide shows, games, response pages, and more. 

My resources were a big hit and I began to get some really stellar reviews!

“My students loved the labs and I found the slide show and strategic note-taking guide super helpful. This author does such a great job aligning to standards.  I have purchased several of Lynda’s resources and they are always terrific!”

– Michaun G.

“I loved this resource!  It was so helpful with our new science core. I love anything that Lynda R. Williams puts out. I was feeling a little lost before I found this.  I highly recommend.  Thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with the rest of us.”

 – Jean Marie E.

Today, my store on TPT has 18,000+ 5 star votes from teachers across the country looking for NGSS Standards aligned resources to help teach their classroom.

Lynda R. Williams visits TeachersPayTeachers

In October 2019 I visited TPT Headquarters in New York City

Lynda R. Williams visits with TeachersPayTeachers Specialist
Lynda R. Williams with Clifton Wallace 
Seller-Operations Specialist at Teachers Pay Teachers

When I visited the TPT headquarters I was shown around by Clifton Wallace (Seller-Operation Specialist for TPT) and given a lovely bag of TPT swag. I also had a chance to visit with Amy Borrell Berner (Director of Seller Happiness at Teachers Pay Teachers). The warm welcome and tour reminded me of why I like working with Teacherspayteachers.

Teaching Science Lynda R. Williams visits TeachersPayTeachers Headquarters
Clifton Wallace, Lynda R. Williams, and Amy Borrell Berner | TPT Headquarters

Utah SEEd Standards

Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) was adopted by the state of Utah in 2015. The new standards were implemented in all 6th-8th grade science classes in the 2017-2018 school year. I decided there was a great need here and began to make resources for my TPT Store that were specific to the Utah SEEd standards 6-8th grade. These were immediately popular and I kept hearing especially from my former preservice teachers that they wanted more!

Thank you for creating resources specific to the Utah SEEd. This has been so very helpful.  Thank you so much for this comprehensive unit.

– Matt
Lynda R. Williams and Teachers Professional Development for Utah SEEd Standards
Professional Development for Utah SEEd Standards (Amazing teachers Caprice Hazen Callianne Hodson)

I took all the training that was offered on Utah SEEd standards and begin teaching them to my new teachers in the Professional Teacher Education program at Utah Valley University.

When the K-5th grade Utah SEEd standards were launched in the fall of 2020, I had already created resources that were aligned with the K-5 standards for Utah SEEd and NGSS.

At this time I was also offering professional development to schools and districts on implementing the Utah SEEd standards. I also wrote several blog posts to help teachers understand how to read and use the Utah SEEd standards. One of the delights of being an instructor in a Professional Teacher Education program is running into my former students when I present professional development. It is always so exciting to see amazing teachers and how they are contributing to the school community and teaching science using best practices in their own classrooms

TPT Forward Conference July 2020

I was selected to speak at the TPT Forward Conference for 2020. My topic was how to create standards-based resources. I offered suggestions and guidelines to my fellow teacher-authors on how to create standards-based resources for their TPT Stores and why they should definitely do this. Standards-based resources sell really well on TPT. Administrators and teachers both want the teachers to have resources that are truly standards-based. You can increase sales in your store by following these guidelines.

Lynda R. Williams speaks at TeachersPayTeachers Forward conference in 2020
Here are some of the Teacher-Authors with Karen Liu for a Q and A

The TPT Forward Conference was online in 2020 due to the pandemic. Here I am recording my session from my home office.

Lynda R. Williams TeacherPayTeachers Entrepreneur

Currently, I am a full-time teacher-author, teacher-entrepreneur. I have resigned after 34 years of teaching in K-12 and higher education to pursue full-time my passion for creating science materials for teachers. I am working on creating more standards-based resources for my teacherspayteachers store. I have launched my own website and continue to create blogs that will help teachers understand the best practices for teaching science. My resources include the use of phenomena, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts.

TPT is a great company to partner with.  I have loved everything about my journey with Teacherspayteachers. I look forward to continued collaboration with

TeachersPayTeachers and FAQ

What is is a marketplace where teachers can sell teaching resources that they create
What is your curriculum expertise?I create and sell science resources aligned with NGSS, Utah SEEd, and NJSLS for grades K-8th.
What types of science resources do you sell?I sell individual lessons, complete units, and bundles.
What do you enjoy about working with is a whole community of teacher-authors and we support each other and encourage each other. Creating science curriculum is a fun and challenging way to use my expertise!
Do you offer professional development?Yes! I currently offer professional development opportunities for Utah SEEd and NGSS. Contact Me below if you are interested in having me speak at your school or district.
Teaching Science Lynda R. Williams

Fill out the form to contact me about professional development. You can also find my resources in my TPT store Teaching Science with Lynda R. Williams and on my Website, and sign up for the newsletter below.

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