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Air Pressure, Air Masses & Weather Fronts Complete Unit

Air Masses, Air Pressure, and Weather Fronts Teaching middle school students about weather patterns, air pressure, and air masses can be interesting and challenging.Air Pressure, Air Masses and Weather Fronts


Are you covering weather and climate in your middle school science class? This resource is detailed with great labs on air pressure and informational slide shows. Students love these engaging hands-on activities!

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air pressure and weather

It’s designed to completely address NGSS MS-ESS2-5, Middle School Earth Systems. Other interesting science activities for Middle School include Pangea and Gravity and Mass

air pressure and weather worksheet
I’ve divided the content into two units of study.
vocabulary foldable
The first is on air pressure or atmospheric pressure.  It includes labs.

Air Pressure Experiments to Teach Middle School Students

lab on air pressure
Air Pressure Lab
Air Pressure Experiement
Worksheet Weather Middle school
The second unit is on air masses and weather fronts while also expanding on concepts addressed in the first unit. Students will build knowledge and make connections. 
foldable weather middle School
This unit also includes an informative slideshow, a non-fiction reading passage, comprehension questions aligned with the CCSS for Reading Informational Text, a set of weather map task cards, worksheets, interactive notebook flaps, and two quizzes designed similarly to the end of year testing for science.
Reading weather maps task cards
Students will LOVE these engaging activities! 
slide show on weather fronts
There are investigations, informational text passages, slide shows, and so much more – everything helping your class to understand air masses, weather fronts, air pressure, and how they affect changes in weather conditions!
Worksheet on weather fronts Middle School

This resource has 100+ PERFECT reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Check out a few of them:

My students loved this resource and the experiments that went along with it. It kept them very engaged
I think these labs were great. The directions were clear and my students really understood the connection between air pressure and weather patterns.

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