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Exploding Baggie FREE Science Resource

Exploding Baggie

Exploding Baggie  I love asking students to make a prediction on what will happen in a science experiment. If you are a teacher, you are already familiar with the prediction, “It will explode!” This is a common prediction for upper elementary students. In this experiment, the students will finally be correct!

Directions for Exploding Baggie

Start with a baggie and put 1/2 cup of vinegar in it.

Seal it and set it in a baking pan.

exploding baggie

Next, take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and wrap it in a tissue.

baking soda and vinegar experiment

baking soda science experiment

Now carefully open the baggie and place the packet of baking soda in the baggie. Hang on to it so it does not yet touch the vinegar. Seal the baggie carefully.

If you have not made a prediction yet, now is the time to make one!

Shake the baggie for a few seconds so that the packet falls into the vinegar. Let the baggie rest in the baking pan and observe.

Exploding Baggie Experiment

This is what is included in your FREE Exploding Baggie Experiment. Two labs and follow-up pages using simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. This free resource includes two labs using vinegar and baking soda. One is the exploding baggie and the other inflates a balloon. Students will love these easy and fun labs. Students will learn that when a chemical reaction occurs, gas can be produced. Chemical reactions are fun and interesting. 



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