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Food Web Worksheets – NGSS 5-LS2-1 and 5-LS2-3

Food Web Worksheets

This set of 21 food web worksheets are easy to use and will save you lots of time!

Just print and go! No prep at all!

Do you need some extra worksheets available for your subs to use? Or maybe just a little extra work for your early finishers? Great to leave for a sub!

This bundle of food web worksheets is just what you’re looking for!

Food chains and food webs

These worksheets will help you cover standards NGSS 5-LS2-1 and MS-LS2-3.

NGSS 5-LS2-1: Develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment. Emphasis is on the idea that matter that is not food (air, water, decomposed materials in soil) is changed by plants into matter that is food. Examples of systems could include organisms, ecosystems, and the Earth. Assessment does not include molecular explanations.

NGSS MS-LS2-3: Develop a model to describe the cycling of matter and flow of energy among living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem. Emphasis is on describing the conservation of matter and flow of energy into and out of various ecosystems, and on defining the boundaries of the system. Assessment does not include the use of chemical reactions to describe the processes.

Food webs worksheets

Each worksheet has a food web diagram, and they cover a variety of habitats.

Students will analyze the food web diagram and answer the questions. The focus is on the flow of energy in the food web and patterns of interactions between organisms.

Student Work Food Webs

Some talented students made their own food webs.

Food Web


Food Web

Food Webs and Ecosystems


Food Web

Food web wprksheets

These food web pages are great for homework, independent work, review, bell work, and more!

Students will think critically while analyzing these food webs.

desert food web and ecosystem

Ocean food web


Ocean Food Web

I used these for science warm-ups and they were great! Good questions and students had to really understand the concepts.

Alisha M.

I love these! Each food web is different and has different components. The questions are good. I sent home one page each day for homework.

Chelsea J.

Other teachers LOVE these worksheets!

Check out more of the many perfect reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers.

ecosystem and food webs

This resource includes 21 food web diagram pages, background information for the teachers, and answer keys for everything. The worksheets cover a variety of habitats!

Concepts addressed by these worksheets are:

  • The flow of energy in the ecosystem
  • Trophic Levels
  • Predators
  • Prey
  • Consumers
  • Producers
  • Decomposers
  • The Sun as the original energy source
  • Evaluating the model

Forest food web

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