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Integrating Science and Literacy Using Informational Text in Interactive Notebooks

Recently a colleague of mine joined with me in an integrated day of instruction.  We wanted to experiment with integrating science content with literacy instruction and we wanted to use the Interactive Notebooks.   
This is what we did with our pre-service teachers.   We assigned them to groups.  Each table/center had stacks of informational children’s books on various science topics.  The students worked at each center for 20 minutes and added that piece to their interactive science notebook. 

Our centers were as follows:

We had had students participate in a scavenger hunt to locate text features.
We had students look for, identify and add the appropriate graphic organizers for the six text structures of informational text. 
We had students explore credibility of text and author’s purpose. 
We had a vocabulary activity. 

It ended up being a great day for integration.   The purpose of using literacy skills within science is to help students understand the content reading that they will be exposed to.  Hands-on science is still the best way to teach science, but supporting students in literacy skills through integrated activities will help them read and understand informational text that will support the science concepts they have learned.   

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