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High Interest Nonfiction Passages for Kids

Parents and teachers alike have heard that it is important to introduce kids to nonfiction text.  It is common knowledge that how much a child reads is important. Kids who read more will perform better, acquire a greater vocabulary and develop better critical thinking skills. However, what a child reads is also important. Statistics show that kids actually read an average of 25 minutes a day. Of those 25 minutes, just 4 are spent on nonfiction. But is that enough? How can reading nonfiction really help?

Nonfiction is a great way for kids to develop critical thinking and analytical skills and the ability to read and understand complex texts.

Find out what each kid is interested in and help them find materials to read.  If they are interested in sports, get a book on their favorite sport or a biography on an athlete from that sport.  

My children always liked learning about animals.  So I made sure they had plenty of nonfiction books and articles on various animals.

It does not just have to be books either.  Consider finding articles specifically written for children.  I have created several high-interest nonfiction reading units for children.  Take a look at my resources and maybe you will find something that would be interesting for your little reader!

This one is for grades 3-6 and is all about Honey Bees! This Science Reading Packet comes with comprehension questions and sorting card activities.  Honey Bee Reading Unit

Sea Turtle Reading Unit    This resource has a high interest passage on sea turtles. It is really interesting and there are lots of fun follow up activities included.

This darling unit tracks the growth of baby rabbits from day one to day 15 and the bunnies are so adorable!   Great science information about how rabbits live and interact with one another.  
I have many more nonfiction reading passages in my store.  Please take a look!
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