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The Benefits of Informational Text in the Science Classroom

Informational Text is an Underutilized Tool!

When you think of science instruction, the last thing you think of is informational text. Our minds go to hands-on labs and STEM challenges, but informational text is an underutilized tool! Using informational text in the science classroom is a great way to enhance students reading comprehension skills, and even helps get students engaged! Informational text comes in many forms, including textbooks, articles, scientific journals, and websites. 

Photo of Informational Text

Implementing informational text in the science classroom allows students to learn complex scientific concepts in a structured way before they apply those concepts in labs. Textbooks often present information in a concise way with diagrams, definitions, and examples to help students understand difficult concepts. When used in tandem with hands-on labs, informational text helps solidify the information learned in the science classroom. This is a great way to integrate and science and literacy in a balanced way!

Photo of students reading informational text

Informational Text Helps Students Conduct Experiments like Real Scientists

Consuming informational text also helps students develop their scientific literacy. This skill is essential to understanding scientific concepts and terminology, and communicating their own scientific ideas effectively. Check out these Reading Passages on animals of the Galapagos Islands.

Research skills are another valuable skill in the science classroom. In this age of the internet, misinformation is widespread! It is important for students to develop their research skills so they can locate and evaluate sources of information. The classroom is the perfect place for students to develop this skill. They will develop the competence and confidence they need to conduct their own research!

When students are exposed to a wide range of scientific ideas and topics, they can start to make connections between the different areas of science! Our hope as teachers is to see our students continue learning and exploring well after they leave our classroom. A lifelong appreciation and love for science starts in the classroom and informational text is a valuable tool to help teachers equip their students for a life of curiosity and discovery. 

Check out this reading unit on reindeer!

Informational Text Comes in Many Forms!

Informational Text is a versatile tool that comes in many shapes and forms! Informational text can be implemented with any grade level or subject. I have a ton of great units that include informational text!

Crater Lake Informational Text Unit

Informational Text can be used to teach students about geological areas.This resource includes three pages of reading passages and comprehension questions on the formation of Crater Lake.

Interesting Animals Informational Text Mini Book

Informational Text can be used with young learners too! This is a Mini-Book on Interesting Animals of the World for elementary school learners. There is no prep! Just print and go! This resource is a great place to start your students on their journey to becoming masters of informational text!

Symbiosis Informational Text Unit

This is a reading informational text unit on symbiosis. This unit covers the five types of symbiosis. Students will practice reading comprehension and informational text skills while learning about symbiosis. Arguments are presented for whether predation and competition should be included in the category of symbiosis. This would be a great starting point for a class discussion where students could share their opinions!

Including the resources I shared above, I have over 50 resources that are centered around informational text, and even more that implement informational text! You can browse my resources here on my website, or in my TPT store! My resources are identical, both in material and pricing, wherever you choose to shop!

Thank you for reading! I hope I have converted you to the wonderful world of informational text!

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