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Rabbit Life Cycle Close Reading of Nonfiction with Interactive Notebook Inserts 3-LS1-1.

I have just had the delightful experience of watching baby bunnies grow.  This happened because a female rabbit made her next in a place where I had daily access for photographs.  I decided to take daily photos of the babies from Day One to Day 14.  The development if the babies was quick and amazing. 

Here are just a few of the photographs I was able to take. 

As I worked on this project an idea formed to write a nonfiction passage about rabbits that I could use in a close reading strategy.   I did the research and had lots of fun creating this resource. 

In about 16 days my rabbit kits transformed from little naked, blind and helpless newborns to little rabbits hopping around and eating grass.
I decided to use this Close Reading Strategy that I like.  Students will read the passage several times.  Each time they get deeper into the content.  I use the below procedure for the initial reading of the passages.

I also make sure to provide text dependent comprehension questions.  

And lots of Interesting Flaps and Folds for the Interactive Notebook.
Science topics addressed include:

Animal adaptations
Life cycle
Animal Babies
Food Webs

Nonfiction Reading and Writing Skills addressed include:

Main Idea and supporting details
Vocabulary development
Text features
Text structure
Author’s purpose
How graphics support the text
Making inferences
Answering text dependent comprehension questions
Paragraph writing: descriptive and informative

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