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Digital Escape Room on Bald Eagles

 Digital Escape Room on Bald Eagles

Have you tried digital escape rooms created with Google Slides and Google Forms yet? Students love these engaging escape rooms.

Digital Escape Room on Bald Eagles
These escape rooms are great for distance learning.  Students read informational text and complete drag and drop activities to solve the clues that will help them BREAKOUT.  

Digital Escape Rooms

How big are Bald Eagles? Bald eagles are large birds with a wingspan of five to eight feet long and a body that ranges from 2 feet to just over 3 feet long. The female bald eagles are larger than the males and weigh around 13 pounds. The males weigh about 9 pounds.

Being the national symbol of the United States since 1782 has garnered these avians a lot of attention over the years. Eagles appear everywhere, from one-dollar bills to the president’s flag, making it the most pictured bird in the country, even beating out Northern Cardinals on Christmas cards.

First students are taken to a Google Form which is the Escape Room.  Next, students click on the first breakout code.  Google will say to them, Do you want to make a copy?  They should say Yes!  This is so each student has their own copy to work on and they cannot change each other’s copy.  This will take them to a Google Slide show with informational text passages, comprehension questions a puzzle to solve, and drag and drop activities.  They will end up with a code which they take back to the Google form, enter it and click on the next breakout code. Students will repeat the process 5 times until they have been through five slide shows, each with informational text passage and each with drag and drop activities.  Watch a video tutorial of one of my digital escape rooms on Honey Bees! 
digital escape room on bald eagles
If they answer all the codes correctly they will be told in the end, Congratulations, you have escaped!
If one of the codes is wrong, they will be prompted to Try Again!
digital escape room on bald eagles

Digital Escape Rooms are no prep for the teacher!  Just share the google form link with your students and the student directions (which are included) Perfect for Distance Learning! Here is a video tutorial of one of my escape rooms. Video Tutorial of Escape Room

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