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Utah SEEd Assessments

Are you teaching with the new Utah science standards and wondering about how to assess them? Utah SEEd standards for k-5th grade were implemented in the fall of 2020. (that is right…this weird teaching year 2020 was when they were implemented. Some schools and districts managed to get some training on the Utah SEEd standards before social distancing kicked in. Also, UEN managed to put together some online training for teachers.

Still, many teachers are trying to understand how to teach and assess the Utah SEEd (Science Education with Engineering Standards) so that they can give their students the best experience possible. I have a whole blogpost on Utah SEEd and also one on using the Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Phenomena to engage students.

More on Utah SEEd here.

I have created practice assessments for you to use. They cover all the strands of Utah SEEd for third, fourth, and fifth grades. You can purchase them here on or in my TPT Store. They go perfectly with my Utah SEEd bundles.

Utah SEEd Third Grade Assessments

Utah SEEd Fourth Grade Assessments

Utah SEEd Fifth Grade Assessments

Thank you for visiting. Please take a look at these assessments and see if they are right for your class.

These Utah SEEd assessments can help Utah teachers to assess learning and provide practice for formal testing. These Utah SEEd resources are tied directly and specifically to the Utah SEEd standards.

Do you need help understanding the Science and Engineering Practices or Crosscutting concepts for Utah SEEd? I have posts for those topics as well.

The three dimensions of Science include the Science and Engineering Practices, the Crosscutting Concepts, and the Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Thank you for visiting! Check out my Five Best Practices for Teaching Science blog post. If you are looking for NGSS Assessments you can find them on this post NGSS Assessments.

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