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NGSS Assessments

Are you interesting in assessing your students knowledge for the year in science? Would you like to give them practice with NGSS assessments? You will love these multiple and short answer assessments 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.

NGSS Assessments

These assessments are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for third, fourth and fifth-grade. The assessments can be used for practice after each unit or at the end of the year to assess learning and practice before standardized testing.

These assessments are available in two places.

You can download them here on

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The downloads are identical.

These sets include assessments for all four strands of NGSS for Third, fourth and fifth grade. These quizzes can be used at the end of the unit or strand. These assessments can also be used as practice anytime or at the end of the year. Answer keys are included.

There are two pages of multiple-choice assessment questions for Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth and Space science with an option short answer page for each. The engineering strand has one page of multiple-choice questions.

These assessments can be used after teaching each strand or they can be used at the end of the year as a practice assessment. They can also be used as practice together as a class, rather than as an assessment.

Both downloads are identical in every way – if you download directly from this site, you’re giving me the maximum amount of support!

Either way, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

This site uses 100% secure checkout with PayPal, and after checkout your download is instantly available.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy using this unit in your classroom!

NGSS Assessments

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