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Making Fog Bubbles With Dry Ice…Teaching Science…Interactive Notebooks

Want to try a really fun science experiment with your students?

Let’s Make a Fog Bubble From Dry Ice

To make a fog bubble you will need:
  • a large bowl with a lip around the top
  • a strip of cloth
  • bubble solution (be sure to add a little corn syrup or glycerin to your solution for strong bubbles that will get really big).
  • dry ice (can be purchased in grocery stores)
Fog Bubble with Dry Ice

Safety First: Adults should handle the dry ice with gloves.  Do not let the children touch the dry ice.  It can cause skin reactions.

1. Place the dry ice in the bowl and add a little water.
2. Place the strip of cloth in the bubble solution. Get a generous amount of solution on the cloth.
3. Run the cloth around the lip of the bowl and then drag it across the bowl to form a bubble.
4. Now watch what happens!
Be sure to talk about Science Lab Safety!
Fog Bubble Dry Ice
Fog Bubble Dry Ice
Fog Bubble Dry Ice

Fog Bubble Dry Ice
Students love exciting science labs like this!
Concepts you can teach through this?   Is it a physical or chemical change?  What is carbon dioxide?
Uses of dry ice in the real world? What is sublimation? Lab Safety around dry ice.

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