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What’s the Matter? Interactive Notebook Ideas

Sometimes Science is Messy!

Sometimes science is messy! 

I started the students in a review of the way molecules behave in different states of matter.   I had them act out being molecules in a solid, a liquid and a gas.

Then we made this states of matter foldable.

Next we mixed up some oobleck.   We used the ratio 2:1, cornstarch:water.   The students experimented with it and recorded their findings.

Questions to ask students:  In what ways does it behave like a solid?  In what ways does it behave like a liquid? 

We watched a couple of videos showing oobleck and non-Newtonian fluids and then recorded the vocabulary word: viscosity and our teacher tips.

Teacher Tips: 
Do not pour down the drain.
Encourage students to touch.
Use throwaway container for easy cleanup.
Oobleck can be reactivated by adding water so you can use the same batch for several days. 

The Folds for this Lesson can be found here Super Pack of Folds for Interactive Notebooks

Click Here for a  SMARTboard activity SMARTboard sort on states of matter

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