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Shape Book for Water Cycle

I love making shape books out of envelopes.   They can be used in an interactive notebook or independently.   Students love them as an alternative way to express information.   The pocket is built in and makes it convenient to store other items like charts, worksheets, etc.   
Start with a manila envelope.  Any size will do, the bigger the envelope the bigger then end product. 
Fold in half with the flap on the bottom.   Cut the top fold (both layers) into the shape you desire.  This one is cut in a round shape.  
When you open it up you have plenty of room for information.   Here the water cycle was drawn.  
When you turn the page you have another place to display information.   Here a vocabulary book was placed.  
The end product also has a pocket for holding other pieces of information.   Here a water cycle wheel is placed.   Template for the water cycle wheel is available on an earlier blogpost.  Water Cycle Blog Entry
For step by step directions go to
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