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Interactive notebooks for Middle and High School

This week I got to visit with some high school students at High Tech High in Chula Vista.  This school uses a Problem Based Learning approach.  The notebooks help the students to record and process their learning.
With the school and the students’ permission I took some photos of their interactive notebooks and asked them some questions about their work.  They were enthusiastic and proud of their work. The students recorded information, and processed their thinking.

I interviewed the students.  I asked them to tell me about their interactive notebooks.  Here are a few of their responses: 

“We do our research.  Sometimes it is a hands-on experiment. Sometimes we are looking stuff up on the computer. Then we record our information in our notebooks.”

“It really helps me to stay organized and everything is there when I go to study for a test.”

“Look at mine!  This is my best page!”

“See how it folds out and there is more information underneath?”

“We love our notebooks!”

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