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Claim Evidence Reasoning


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Claim Evidence Reasoning Practice Pages and Slide Show  Students will learn to write a CER, Claim-Evidence-Reasoning responses, and make scientific arguments based on evidence. Students will look at text evidence and evidence from images, diagrams, and graphs. Students will write a claim in response to a question, identify evidence and provide reasoning. Specific pages are provided with less text and easier topics for differentiation and other specific pages are provided with more complex topics for challenging students who need to be challenged.


  • Slideshow explaining how to write a CER
  • 21 practices pages
  • Middle school science topics
  • CER Writing Page
  • Two forms of Practice Pages-one with room for a paragraph, the other with a paragraph on separate paper
  • Differentiated pages
  • Answer keys

Use these throughout the year as you teach the particular concept or use it to teach students to write a CER and have them practice making Claim-Evidence-Reasoning statements. Makes a great morning review. Middle school science topics are used.

My resources, including the slide show, are secure and not editable for copyright reasons.

These resources are created by Lynda R. Williams at Teaching Science Read more about Claim Evidence and Reasoning on my blog.

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Making a scientific argument from evidence is a science and engineering practice that is important for all students to master.