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Dry Ice Fog Bubble Experiment


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This activity will amaze your students! This resource includes two lessons on sublimation. One lesson is a hands-on lesson in which the class will make a fog bubble. The other lesson is a reading informational text lesson in which the students will read an informational text article provided in order to find out more about dry ice. The third part of this resource is a mini lesson and informational text reading on Lab Safety and Dry Ice. This resource also comes with flaps and folds for interactive notebooks and a layered book.

Aligned with Utah SEEd 6.2.2

Develop a model to predict the effect of heat energy on states of matter and density. Emphasize the arrangement of particles in states of matter (solid, liquid, or gas) and during phase changes (melting, freezing, condensing, and evaporating).

Dry Ice Fog Bubble