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The Formation of the Galápagos Islands


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Do you need to teach your students about the changing surface of the Earth? The Galápagos Islands provide us with a rich and ongoing story of geological changes due to plate tectonic, volcanic, and seismic activity. Students will learn about the formation of the Galápagos Archipelago and the ongoing geological processes that continue to shape this region. Includes a printable unit and a link for Google Student Pages.

This resource on Earth’s Changing Surface Includes:

  • Four pages of informational text
  • Two pages of comprehension questions
  • A crossword puzzle for vocabulary
  • A CER prompt/page
  • Printable and Google pages
  • Answer keys

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Concepts Addressed:

Plate tectonics

Geological hotspot

Movement of islands

Different ages of islands in the Galápagos

Continued change


Volcanic Activity


This resource will answer these questions:

How were the Galápagos Islands Formed?

Are they still changing?

What is the volcanic and tectonic activity in the area?

Why are some islands older than others?

Why and how do the islands appear to be moving?