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Solar Oven STEM Activity

Building a Solar Oven is a Great Classroom Activity!

One of the biggest challenges in the classroom is teaching the required standards while still keeping students engaged. I find that hands on activities are the best way to keep learning fun for the students. One of my favorite classroom activities is making a solar oven! 

Great for Teaching the Design Process

The design process is a cornerstone for everything STEM, but it can be hard to teach your students to apply the process while still keeping it fun! This lesson gives room for students to experiment with their own designs while being pretty simple. You can have students do this in groups, or all together as a class. 

Another reason this is such a great activity for students is the step where you test the design. When I test the design in the classroom, I use the solar oven to make a fun treat! The oven does not produce enough heat to do any actual cooking, but I have made treats like nachos or s’mores!

Works for All Ages!

This activity is safe for all ages! You won’t need to use anything that is potentially dangerous, and the oven does not produce enough heat to burn students! Even older students will be enticed by the prospect of a treat after the activity! You can download my solar oven resource for FREE here! Or fill out the form below! If you are interested in more STEM activities, I have a balloon car activity, and a make your own flashlight activity!

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