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STEM Activities for Winter and Holiday

STEM activities for winter and holidays can be fun and engaging. Kids will love these STEM challenges for winter and Christmas! Students can practice their science and engineering skills while learning about electrical circuits, making predictions, troubleshooting, and completing fair tests on a prototype. Here are some ideas:

Students will Love these STEM Challenges for the Holidays!

1.   Dissolving Candy Canes in different liquids

Dissolving candy canes science experiment2.  Light Up OrnamentsStudents will make ornaments that light up with simple circuits!Making a light up ornament for ChristmasMaking a light up ornament for ChristmasMaking a light up ornament for ChristmasMaking a light up ornament for ChristmasChristmas STEM Light-up TREE

3. Snowball Launchers (I used ping pong balls or large marshmallows) Great design thinking as students test and retest and redesign their ping-pong ball launchers.

making a snowball launcher stem challengemaking a snowball launcher stem challengemaking a snowball launcher stem challengemaking a pingpong ball launcher stem challengemaking a pingpong ball launcher stem challenge5. Electrical circuits with copper tapeStudents love making electrical circuits out of paper, copper tape, and LED lights. My resource has templates and directions that make this activity easy! Electrical circuits with copper tape Christmas Tree  Light up Christmas Tree Copper Tape

These holiday STEM activities with copper tape are very popular!

Light up paper snowman Copper TapeSTEM challenge Christmas   6. Build an Igloo out of Sugar CubesGreat building activity. It is harder than it looks!  STEM challenge Winter 7. Chemical and Physical Reactions- Expanding Snowman This one is super fun!  Students put snow in the baggie and add a mystery substance.  Wow!  it blows up big!STEM challenge Winter 8. Light Up Snow Flake OrnamentThese beautiful ornaments are easy to make and the students love them!

Easy to make Light Up Ornaments for STEM

Making a light up snowflake ornamentMaking a light up snowflake ornament

Making a light up snowflake ornament

9. Building with gumdrops and toothpicksThis STEM challenge is great for small groups. STEM activity Christmas

So many ideas for holiday STEM and Winter STEM

These ideas and more, with detailed instructions, step-by-step, science background, and follow-up pages are available in my store. I have done the hard part of planning it out and providing the directions.

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Thank you, and I hope you enjoy using this unit in your classroom! 

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Holiday STEM Activities for DecemberSTEM Christmas ActivitiesSTEM Christmas Challenges

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Winter STEM Activities and Challenges

STEM Winter Challenges STEM Winter Challenges Download yours today! Thank you for visiting my blog!

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