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Food Chains Through Animal Track Mold Inquiry Lesson Idea for Science with Interactive Notebook Ideas

Interested in a really great project that will help students develop the process skills for science? Do you want to do more STEM activities in your classroom?

Look no further!  Animal Track Molds are a great activity!


measuring cups
track molds
plaster of paris


1. Have students select a track mold.

2. Tell them they need a ratio of 2:1 plaster of paris to water.

3. Place ingredients in a ziplock baggie and SEAL the baggie to mix.

4. Have students mix until they have the consistency of a melted milkshake.

5. Cut a small hole in the baggie and squeeze contents into mold.

6. Tap sides of mold to remove bubbles.

Let the mold sit and dry for about 2 hours. 

 Pop the mold out and it is time for a great discussion.

Questions you can ask your students:

What do you notice about your mold?
Why do some molds have an H and some have an F on them? (hind and front)
Is your animal native to this area?
Is your animal a predator or prey animal?
Does you animal have claws showing in the mold?  Why or why not?

Concepts you can teach through track molds:

classifying animals
animals adaptations
predator and prey relationships
animal habitats
food chains
measuring, estimating and ratio (the plaster of paris)

Track molds can be ordered through Acorn Naturists as well as these stencils and this carnivore  game.

Ideas for Interactive Notebook
Here is a Free Window Fold for you to save to your desktop and print for your students.  

Window fold template above in available in my product:  Foldable Template Super Pack Over 50 Foldable Templates

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