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Make a Rain Cloud in a Cup with a Free Printable

This is a fun experiment!

Materials needed:

  • shaving cream
  • water
  • a clear cup
  • food coloring


  1. Fill the cup with 3/4 full of cold water
  2. Spray shaving cream on top
  3. Sprinkle a few drops of food coloring 
  4. Observe

Questions to ask students:

What do you observe?
In what ways is this experiment like our weather?
Why do you think it takes awhile for the food coloring to drip through the shaving cream?
What happens when the clouds get too full of rain droplets?

Background Information for the Teacher:

The shaving cream represents clouds and the food coloring represents precipitation. In the water cycle, the water droplets within a cloud continue to grow until they become heavy and fall through the clouds to the Earth.  The same thing is happening in our experiment.  The food coloring becomes heavy as it saturates the shaving cream.  The molecules in the cold water are moving slowly, so it takes longer for the food coloring to spread throughout the water.   The food coloring may appear as streams.
Here is a free printable half-fold that you can use for students to record their results. 

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