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You Oughta Know About Pop-Outs and Pop-Ups for Interactive Notebooks

My topic today is a particular kind of foldable graphic organizer that can be used for interactive notebooks or lapbooks or even independently.  The students love foldable graphic organizers.  I love them because students record their thoughts both linguistically and visually.  They are open ended and can be used in many different subjects.  
The pop-up is very easy to do.  Fold and cut a tab in the center.   Push the tab back through so that it pops up.  

Have students glue whatever they want to pop up onto the flat part of the tab.  (This is important.  I often see students trying to glue something to the crease and this will not work)

The Pop-Outs require slightly more folding and precision.   You can start with a template if it is easier.  Fold on all the lines.  I like to fold both ways to make the crease flexible.

 Pinch the outer area in to the center.

Here are some examples in interactive notebooks:

You can purchase my templates for the pop-outs and the pop-up for just $1.00 in my store.  Click below.

Pop-Outs and Pop-Up Templates

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