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2nd Grade NGSS Lessons Plans and Units

The Second Grade Science Standards for NGSS take some careful thought, but there are ways to engage students in meaningful activities that help them learn the material.

Sometimes when I look at certain standards, it takes me a while to figure out what it is they want.  For example:
2-PS1-3. Make observations to construct an evidence-based account of how an object made of a small set of pieces can be disassembled and made into a new object.

I had to ponder this one for quite a while to figure out what they actually wanted the students to learn and do.

Once I figure out the standard, I proceed like this:
 I engage students in a variety of hands on science activities.
Next I like to have the students respond with response pages to express their learning related to the hands-on activity.
After that I like to introduce the students to some nonfiction text on the background science related to the topic.  I usually do this with a CLOSE reading activity.
I then have student think about the reading and respond either with response pages or engaging interactive notebook folds.

I might follow this up with a learning game or sorting activity.
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Now, I love planning curriculum.  I know it is weird, but to me it is sort of a puzzle to put together and to figure out what the standard is saying and how I can make it engaging for the students.  If you are not as into planning as I am, you can take a look at the curriculum I have put together for 2nd grade NGSS.
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Thank you for reading.

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