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3rd Grade NGSS Lessons and Units

The Next Generation Science Standards for 3rd Grade pack a lot into one year of teaching.  The only way a to cover all of these standards is to integrate with other subjects.  I like to integrate hands-on science lessons with the CCSS for Reading Informational Text.  Using nonfiction passages to further develop the students’ understanding is a great way to incorporate reading into the subject of science.

First Hands-On Activities: 
Next Follow Up Pages and Interactive Notebook Inserts to record ideas about the hands-on learning.
I follow these with reading nonfiction passages that further explain the science.  This gives purpose to the reading because the students want to know what the science worked the way it did.  Students are more motivated to read.
After I have students read the nonfiction articles, I have them follow up with interactive notebook flaps that have text dependent questions and are aligned with the CCSS for 3rd grade Reading Informational Text.

Sometimes I have students participate in sorting or matching games to reinforce the learning.

Sometimes I have students further follow up with writing activities aligned with CCSS for 3rd grade writing.

I enjoy looking at the standard, breaking it down, and developing activities to engage the students.  I have developed many resource specific for 3rd grade NGSS standards.  
You can purchase the entire bundle at a 20% discount. This HUGE resource will take you through the year and meet the standards for both NGSS and CCSS.

But resources are also available individually and in units.
Fossils Close Reading and Hands-on Unit

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Close Read and Lab

Even more resources for 3rd grade NGSS available in my store.

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