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Analog and Digital Signals – Middle School Science Unit for NGSS MS-PS4-3

This complete unit will help you introduce your middle school science class to the differences between analog and digital signals!

Students will learn that digital signals have some advantages over analog signals. They will also learn about using wave technology to encode information and that waves can be used for communication purposes.

Standards aligned to NGSS MS-PS4-3 and Utah SEEd 8.2.6.

You can be sure you’re covering the information you need when you use one of my units!

NGSS MS-PS4-3: Integrate qualitative scientific and technical information to support the claim that digitized signals are a more reliable way to encode and transmit information than analog signals.

Utah SEEd 8.2.6: Obtain and evaluate information to communicate the claim that the structure of digital signals is a more reliable way to store or transmit information than analog signals. Emphasize the basic understanding that waves can be used for communication purposes. Examples could include using vinyl records vs. digital song files, film cameras vs. digital cameras, or alcohol thermometers vs. digital thermometers.

A variety of activities to keep your class engaged.

This resource includes an informative PowerPoint slideshow with strategic note taking guide, response pages, a quiz, answer keys for everything, and more!

Aligns well with standards. Great labs and follow-up pages. Great slide show. Altogether a really great unit that is easy to implement.

Jennifer K.

I loved this unit on analog and digital signals. Great information and a nice mix of activities. The reading passages and the slide show were awesome and the students loved the lab!

Edith J.

I loved this. Really got my student to think. Just enough information and material to cover the standard without being over done.

Manar H.

Other teachers LOVE this unit!

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assessment analog and digital signals

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