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Ecological Problem Research Project for Middle School Science Standard NGSS MS-LS2-5

Ecology and researching an ecological problem

Ecological Research Project for Middle School Science

This unit will help you teach environmental science to your middle school science class!

Students will research an ecological issue and form a solution. Great for environmental science or Earth Day! Your class will communicate their ideas for protecting an ecosystem to their peers, and they will evaluate solutions for environmental and biodiversity issues.

environmental project for middle school

Environmental Education

A variety of activities to keep your class engaged!

This unit includes worksheets that guide the research, a slideshow of a sample lesson, thinking cards to stimulate ideas for research, a presentation checklist, title page, reference page, and a sample of student work and directions for the teacher.

I just started this research project with my 7th grade. This is a relatively new topic area for them and they were excited yesterday to get in their groups and begin narrowing their focus area.

Marsha H.
ecological problem

Wonderful unit. Great activities and my students enjoyed it.

Lynda J.
researching and ecological problem

Research and Ecological Problem In Your Community

Designed to address a challenging standard for middle school, NGSS MS-LS2-5.

Also aligned with Utah SEEd 6.4.5!

NGSS MS-LS2-5: Evaluate competing design solutions for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services.* [Clarification Statement: Examples of ecosystem services could include water purification, nutrient recycling, and prevention of soil erosion. Examples of design solution constraints could include scientific, economic, and social considerations.]

Utah SEEd: 6.4.5  Evaluate competing design solutions for preserving ecosystem services that protect resources and biodiversity-based on how well the solutions maintain stability within the ecosystem. Emphasize obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information of different design solutions.  Examples could include policies affecting ecosystems, responding to invasive species or solutions for the preservation of ecosystem resources specific to Utah, such as air, water quality and prevention of soil erosion.

community ecological problem

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