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Best Folds for Interactive Notebooks

Now that I have been making Foldables for several years I have landed on a few favorites that I use again and again in different assignments. In this blog post I am going to share some of my favorites.  
Circles can be used in a variety of ways. Wheels, layers and lift the flap.  Circles are easier to do if you have a template. Circles can be hard for students to cut without a template.  You can find templates for circle foldables here. Circle Foldables

The Match Book Fold.  This nifty little tab keeps the foldable from getting caught and bent back when your turning pages.  It comes in a variety of numbers of tabs and can be used in any subject. Click here to see my Super template pack that includes Match Book Folds Super Pack of Foldable Templates

 Another fold I really like is the four part interlocking fold.  When it is open like below there is lots of space to write information, when it is closed it locks neatly.


These interlocking four part Foldables can be found in my super Pack of Foldables Super Pack of Foldable Templates
or in my Interlocking Fold Pack Interlocking Foldable Pack

I also really like the sliding Folds and so do the students!  These handy foldables allow students to slide out a piece of information and then slide it back in!  

They come in different shapes. Like these small sliding folds that you can put several tickets or ideas into one pocket. The Sliding Fold Templates can be found in my Super Pack of Templates for Interactive Notebooks or by themselves in Sliding and Pull-Out Templates

The Triangle Sliding Fold Template can be used either way.  Pointing down….
……or Pointing up
The rectangle sliding fold is also versatile. Now available in two orientations.  Pulling out from the top or pulling out from the side. 

Shutter folds are useful whether they are split or whole.  

 You can find this Template FREE in my Store Free Foldable Template

 Below you can see an envelope fold and a shutter fold.

You can find these in my Super Pack of Foldables Super Pack of Flaps and Folds for Interactive Notebooks
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If you like folds for Interactive Notebooks, you will love my little books Super Pack of Little book Templates Have your students make little books to use with interactive notebooks or independently.

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