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Pull-Outs and Slide Folds for Interactive Notebooks

I recently introduced my students to slider folds or pull-outs for interactive notebooks.  They provide a lot of room for writing as well as for providing a place for definitions, diagrams and illustrations.  The students love them!   The first sample shows the pull-out being used by students to show what the animals (guppies) need.

Below are some samples from a study on Desert Biomes and Animal and Plant Adaptations for living in the Desert.

The T Slide and the Triangle Slide work like a pocket that is attached to the page.  The Information is inserted into the pocket and can be pulled out to be read or shared.  
The Circle Slide has a cone pocket that is attached to the notebook.  The insert is another circle with the science information.

The small slide can be used for questions and answers or an entrance or exit slip.  The insert can be single or include several strips or can even be inserted as a tri-fold.

The triangle slide can be used with the point going towards the top of the page as well. 

Students need a variety of ways to express their understanding.  Interactive notebooks with foldables are engaging, organized and a terrific record of the information learned.

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