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How To Shop Like a Pro on TPT and Save Money!

This blog post is going to provide you with some tips and tricks for shopping on Teachers Pay Teachers and getting the most bang for your buck!

Tip One: Freebies!  Every teacher author has at least one Freebie available.  The teacher authors make these available so that you can sample their work and see what kind of quality they provide.  Be sure to check out Freebies.  

A few of my current Freebies Jelly Bean Science Lesson 
FREE Lab on Air pressure

Free NO Prep Frog Life Cycle Reading Activity

Tip Two: Sign up to receive the newsletter.  With each TPT newsletter there are ten free downloads highlighted.  The TPT app also features a daily freebie.  

Tip Three:  When you purchase and item on TPT be sure to leave feedback.  Leaving a rating and feedback not only helps the teacher author by giving them information about their product, it also earns you valuable TPT credit that you can use for future purchases.  
After you download your item, simple click on the item again and scroll down and their is a place for you to leave feedback and a rating.  See under account where it says TPT credit balance? That is where you can locate how many credits you have earned.   Have you forgotten to leave feedback in the past?  No Problem!  Click on My Purchases and you can still leave feedback for the items you have downloaded.  Leaving feedback for Freebies does not earn you credit but it is still really helpful to the teacher authors and they certainly appreciate it.  

Tip Four:  Consider purchasing bundles.   Teacher authors often group several of their resources into a bundle and mark it down 20%.   You will usually save 20% compared to if you purchased these resources individually.  Read carefully the description of the resource so that you know exactly what you are getting in your bundle. (And remember to leave feedback)  Below is an example of a bundle.
Tip Five: Follow Blogs or Facebook Pages of favorite Teacher Authors and also follow their store in TPT.  You will receive information about sales and other discounts as well as new products.

Tip Six: Watch for hashtag sales. A hash tag sale is when a group of teachers decides to sell some of their resources at a discounted price for a limited time using a particular hashtag such as #savethissummer  You simply put the hashtag for that sale into the search engine on TPT and you will see all the great resources that are participating in the sale.  You will usually find out about hashtag sales through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

Tip Seven: TPT Site Wide Sales   A couple of times a year TPT has a Site Wide sale that lasts a couple of days.   In addition to the savings the Teacher Author offers, the Corporation usually kicks in an additional discount for big savings to you the buyer.  These sales are usually announced through social media about a day in advance so you need to be following some of these teacher authors on social media.  

Tip Eight:  If you are a teacher in the United States, be sure to claim your purchases as teaching expenses when you do your taxes.  TPT conveniently keeps track of your purchases in the My Purchases section.  Be sure to access that at tax time.  

Teachers, Here are some gifts for you!  Be sure to check out these terrific freebies from participating TPT teacher authors below! 

Lynda R. Williams Teaching Resources

Chemical Reaction in Glow Sticks

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