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Utah SEEd Science With Engineering Education Standards (SEEd) Lessons


Utah has a new set of science standards.  

The purpose of the Utah SEEd is to help students make sense of science.  This is a move away from the teaching strategy of just having students learn a set of facts.  Utah SEEd wants students to make sense and understand the science!

Utah SEEd Science

There are three dimensions of science instruction. They are Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Three Dimensions of Science
Science education includes three dimensions of science. They are science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas. Every standard includes each of the three dimensions right in the standards. 

Three dimensions of science
Many teachers in Utah are feeling nervous, but I love the way the new standards are organized. Each strand like the one below (Stability and Change in Ecosystems) is broken down into standards.  Notice that the Science and Engineering practice within the standards is in bold and the crosscutting concept is underlined in orange. Take a look at the Utah SEEd standards.
Observing Phenomena

There is also a big emphasis on having students engage with science phenomena. This is a great way to have students get curious about science and ask questions that can be investigated.
It is my personal belief that interactive notebooks go nicely with both the Utah SEEd and NGSS.  Providing students with a place to record data, process their thinking, and develop ideas. I also like sorting activities for younger children. Remember, it is all about making sense of science!
Making sense of science

I also think that reading nonfiction after a hands-on inquiry lesson can increase understanding and integrate literacy standards with science standards. 

I found some excellent resources for Utah SEEd on this website.  SEEd Utah
Utah SEEd Designing a solution

I have been working hard to create lessons and units aligned with the Utah SEEd.  My science resources include inquiry-based lesson plans, interactive notebook flaps, and folds, nonfiction text for CLOSE reading, response pages, age-appropriate science resources, and scientific background for teachers.  
Planning and Carrying out an investigation

More resources for Utah SEEd are available in my store Lynda’s Store and more resources are being developed weekly.  Just search Utah SEEd on TPT to find lessons and units aligned with the standards.  

Lessons are also aligned with NGSS. You can think of Utah SEEd as being a cousin to NGSS.  Some of the standards match exactly.  Some of them are in an entirely different grade level. 
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