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Water Cycle In a Jar

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water cycle in a jar

This was really cool!

Pour 1 cup of hot water into the jar.
Swish the water around to warm the glass.

  • Place the foil on top of the jar and loosely seal making a slight
    indent in the foil that will hold the ice.
    Loosely seal the jar with the foil, pushing the foil into the jar slightly to make room for the ice cubes on top.
  • Place the ice cubes in the indentation in the foil
  • Have students observe for a moment. They may see water vapor as it rises from the hot water. They may see condensation on the underside of the foil.

  • Next, light a wooden match and blow it out..blowing smoke into the jar.  Quickly seal again with the foil and ice.
  • You may see a cloud begin to form!

I then ask students a bunch of questions about the water cycle.  What parts did they see?  What was the match for? Students record their observations.Next, I provide them with some nonfiction text to read which will help them connect to more of the concepts. We have another discussion and students fill out their response questions for the interactive notebook.  This lesson along with the nonfiction article, interactive notebook flaps, and folds and response pages is available in my store. Water Cycle In a Jar Or in the complete unitComplete Water Cycle Unit 

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